11 May 2021



New Delhi, February 26 : The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has strongly opposed luring of more than 50 Sikh sikhligar families by the Christian missionaries and getting them converted as Christian and it warned  missionaries to desist from misguiding the poor families otherwise it will be forced to a strong action against them.

        In a statement released here today, the DSGMC General Secretary Mr.Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that many Sikh sikligar families residing in Sultanpuri area have been lured by the Christian Missionaries in name of help by the God. He said that it has come to notice of the DSGMC that these missionaries adopt a set pattern of approaching poor and needy families and those suffering from ailments. They are given financial helps in the name of God and are misguided by these missionaries to adopt Christian religion for getting more help from God.

        Mr. Sirsa said that missionaries are taking undue advantage of their  innocence, trying to get maximum conversion and are working on their hidden agenda. He said that he has been told that  Western countries are funding these activities which is an alarming act concerned with national security as well.

 He also asked Delhi police to take swift action in this case as these conversions can lead to conflict in society and before anything happens guilty of such acts should be punished according to law.

        The DSGMC General Secretary further said that it has also come to his notice that these activities of conversion by the missionaries are continuing since long time and a good number of families have been lured by these. He said that these sikligar Sikhs are an integral part of the sikh religion and their ancestors have given great sacrifices along with sikh guru sahib and they had preferred to give up their lives instead of getting convert their religion. He said that a community who has great history of opposing the conversion into Islam cannot be forced to adopt Christianity. He said that during the time of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji Mughals adopted this tactics of luring people into Islam and those who refused were forcefully converted  and this act was opposed by Guru Sahib tooth nail for which Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib gave his sacrifice whereas Guru Gobind Singh fought the Mughal Tyranny. He said that it appears that same battle Sikhs will have to fight with these Christian Missionaries.

        He said that these acts of  misguiding and luring these poor families towards Christianity need to immediately probed as such acts can prove to be a great harm for national security as well.  He said that the DSGMC will do everything to get stopped acts of Christian Missionaries.

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