New Delhi, April 16 : The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has organized first ever Sikh Medical Professional conclave  in association with Guru Harkrishan Medical forum (GHMF)  for discussing streamlining of Bala Sahib Hospital and Medical college.

          Addressing the conclave the DSGMC President Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa  and General Secretary Mr. Harmeet Singh Kalka dwelled upon the need to run Bala Sahib Hospital with full medical facilities. They said that a new initiative has been taken with successful organizing of this conclave in which world famous doctors have given their views for running the hospital.  They said that the DSGMC has paid more than Rs. 14 crore to get the hospital back and now it is in process of streamline its functioning with the help of GHMF.

          Mr. Sirsa said that the DSGMC wants to run Medical college also and is  ready to work on suggestions made by the GHMF. He said that it is duty of the every sikh to serve the community, religion and our country for their betterment. He said that everyone can contribute towards this cause in their own way.

          On the occasion Dr. IPS Kalra, Dr. GS Grewal, Dr. Harmeet Singh Rehan, Dr. PS Maini Padam Sri, Dr. B.N.S. Walia, Dr. TS Kaler, Dr. N. P. Singh, Dr. Rani Kaur and Dr. (Mrs.)  Meenu Walia Fortis East Head also presented their views for running the Hospital and Medical college.

          These Medical experts suggested that all the Sikh doctors of the Delhi should work under the banner of Guru Harkrishan Medical Forum and will offer free services for the society. They also informed that some of the members also want to contribute financially for smooth running of Hospital and Medical College. Speakers also impressed on the  need to have a model for both the institutions and broad framework to smoothly run both these institutions.  They offered to adopt the Hospital by the GHMF and run it with the charity contributions from the its members as well as from the members of the Sikh community.

          Mr. Sirsa said that the DSGMC is ready to hand over the hospital for running by the GHMF on charity but a legal framework should be adopted for this so that no legal obstruction is caused in way of this noble cause. He said that it was intention of the DSGMC to hand over these institution to a forum who is committed to work selflessly for the community and thus its wish to avoid involving any private hospital chain in this cause can  also be fulfilled.  He said that this is infact a big relief for us that Sikh doctors of the Delhi are ready to run the hospital on their own by forming a dedicated group on their own. He said that this is first ever historic conclave which will decide the future of the medical facilities to be provided to the Sangat.

          Mr. Sirsa and Mr. Kalka thanked the community members to attend this first ever conclave in large number and assured them that the DSGMC will work out a permanent solution for the Bala Sahib Hospital as well as Medical college.

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