Dharmsot to attend International Conference of Properties to be held in Gujarat

Chandigarh, February 16: An International Convention would be held on February 15 to 22 at the Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, regarding the arrival and care of wildlife migrant species overseas and the arrangements made at their appropriate places for their habitat. 

In the Property of the Properties (COP) convention, the Punjab Government will be represented by the Forest Minister, Sadhu Singh Dharmsot.

While leaving for Chandigarh Airport to attend this conference, Mr. Sadhu Singh Dharmsot said that the conference would be attended by governments from 194 countries and representatives of social service organizations working in the region to present their views on wildlife migratory species.

He also said that in our country every year migratory birds of varied species travel thousands of kilometers to go to different regions. The conference will discuss various aspects of the problems they encounter and their needs of safer living environment. 

Mr. M. Field Director, Forest Department, would also attend the conference. 

Apart from him, Mr. Manish Kumar, Sudagar, Wildlife, senior officers of the department will also participate in the convention.

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