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Delhi students excited to be back in schools

- Posted on 19 January 2021

NEW DELHI, JAN 19 : Delhi schools which have been closed for the past 10 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, reopened on Monday and there is great enthusiasm among the students who say they prefer normal classes in school to online classes.

Students say opening of the schools is much better for preparing for board examinations. At the same time, private schools have also asked children to bring their Covid test reports to prove they are not carrying the virus.

Students say, “We are very happy with the opening of the schools. There were some problems in online studies at home, we were unable to ask our questions in a proper manner and not understand the answers.” “In offline studies you can understand your problems in a better way, and if you don’t understand then you can ask.” Most parents have given their approval to send children to schools amid the pandemic. The schools’ administration believes that soon most parents will also approve and the number of students in school will increase.


However, there have been some changes. Schools will not have prayer meetings or assembly, nor will the canteens be open. Schools have also not provided transport facilities to the children. Children have to reach school by themselves.


Principal of Vidya Bal Bhavan School, Dr Satveer Sharma told IANS, “It is a relief for all to open schools, children will now be able to study effectively, whereas teachers and children will be able to sit face to face and talk about problems related to education. We will be able to discuss it as well.” “We have told the children to also bring their Covid reports and submit them to the schools, this will keep us and other children safe.” Medical rooms in schools have been converted to Covid-19 isolation rooms.


A school teacher told IANS that “It was great meeting the children. There were lot of challenges during the online classes. We are expecting that the number of children in the school will increase in the coming days.” At the Government Girls Secondary School in Delhi, when the 10th class students reached the school, they were very happy.


Children have been coming to school wearing masks and all the rules related to Covid-19 are being observed in schools.


Government Girls Secondary School Vice Principal Sandhya Singh told IANS, “I am very happy. We have 147 children of class 10 present today, while 107 children are yet to come.” “There are lot of challenges for the teachers in the classes, as along with offline classes, now we also have to do online classes.” Board exams are to be held in May and now many states have decided to open schools for students of 10th and 12th classes.



Right now, a lot of strictness has been followed in opening schools, such as written permission of the parents of the students is necessary. There will be no physical activity in the schools and guidelines have to be displayed everywhere.


The coronavirus pandemic in Delhi has now been largely controlled, although the threat remains, which is why people are being told to follow safety measures.

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