Degeneration of the SGPC is now complete: Dal Khalsa

Punjab update

Amritsar- Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said the SGPC has already lost its sheen and now day-by-day it’s dying as the Badals have made the institution their personal fiefdom.

Addressing the press conference at his party office, he said the return of Badals’ acolyte Raghujit Singh Virk as the senior vice-president will see revival of HSGPC.

He felt the executive committee headed by a controversial and tainted person is a new low. It shows bankruptcy of leaders in the Akali Dal. Its ironic that from today onward, the Panthic groups would have to deal with two tainted and disgraced persons- head of SGPC and Jathedar of Akal Takht. He asserted even if Gobind Singh Logowal has undergone tankah, his inner conscious is questionable as he visited anti-gurmat cult for votes throwing all ethics and tenets to wind.

He warned that the new committee should get ready to face a stiff opposition from the Panthic quarters.

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