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- Posted on 15 December 2019


Chandigarh, December 15:

The dedication and committed of Israeli people for their country has always helped them to counter the attacks of Arab countries. Even in the war, they repaired and refurbished the tanks rapidly to fight against the superior armour of the enemy. The experts in ‘Defending Against Formidable Odds: The Golan Heights, 1973’ discussion on the concluding day of Military Literature Festival 2019 lauded the spirit of nationalism of Israelis. During the discussion speaker Major General Yosi Ben-Hannan also shared his experience of war with the help of motivating presentation.

While initiating the discussion, Moderator Lt General KJ Singh said that young Israelis are very keen to join the army to serve their nation and they don’t even hesitate to sacrifice their life on their motherland. He added that they are one of the best examples to follow if one wants to work for the safeguard of his or her country.

 Israeli Maj Gen Yoshi Ben-Hannan, while narrating his days in the war, said that he had only 10 tanks in the starting but as they started performing well by hitting enemy tanks, they were joined by the tanks from other battalions too. He added that with their 10 tanks, they had targeted more than 90 tanks of the enemy.

 Meanwhile, Lt General IS Singha also acclaimed that spirit of Israeli youth and informed that every year 60,000 boys and 60,000 girls qualify for the army service which is another inspiring aspect for the nations like India. He added that it is not the religion which is uniting them; it is their language which infuses the spirit of nationalism in them.

While talking about the situation of war, Lt Gen IS Singha claimed that it requires 10 day advance notice for any army to get prepared for the war but Israel got only few hours notice due to the failure of intelligence agencies. He added that an Intelligence Officer should never be over confident as the result of the war depend lot upon his inputs.

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