Day 5 of NSS camp at PU, Dr. Nirmal Singh started talk on equality and importance of harmony in society

Chandigarh, On the fifth day of NSS special camp at PU, Dr. Nirmal  Singh started the day with a talk on equality and importance of harmony in the society. He enlightened the students about actual meaning of democracy.  He encouraged the volunteers to spread awareness about the constitutional rights and duties so that people are not misguided towards violence. Dr. Jissu Jaskaran from USOL department  shared his personal expedition stories through videos and visuals. He spoke about his learnings from excursions to Leh and Ladhak and spiti valley. He encouraged the volunteers to utilize their youth in traveling as it teaches to survive in harsh conditions, gives direction and positivity in life. It enhances endurance and makes a person mentally strong. In the end, he said that adventure is a calculated risk and precautions should be taken in all sports and activities. On the afternoon, volunteers conducted a traffic awareness drive. Total strength of the volunteers were about 200. They divided themselves into 3 groups and went to all the three gates of Panjab University. Their actions depicted their commitment and enthusiasm to make a difference in the society.

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