Dal Khalsa strongly condemns killing of civilians by security forces in Kashmir

Punjab Update Bureau

Chandigarh- Strongly condemning the use of deadly force against peaceful protesters in Pulwama, the Dal Khalsa said the security forces deployed in Kashmir are treating the native people as their ‘enemies’. 

Describing today’s killings of seven civilians as horrible & brutal form of state-terrorism, the Sikh organization from Punjab expressed their condolences and grief with victims families and the people at large who are bearing the brunt of state brutalities.

Party head H S Cheema said the security forces in the valley have crossed all limits of humanity as they are unleashing terror of gun on people to create fears among them. He said the stoic silence of world powers and the UN is shameful and regrettable.  He urged the the people in the country not to keep their eyes shuts on civilian killings in Kashmir. 

Paying tributes to those civilians who fell to forces bullets, he said  the brave people of Kashmir are keeping the freedom aspirations alive and kicking with their blood and commitment. 

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