Dal Khalsa marches for right to self-determination

Punjab update bureau

Ludhiana/ Hoshiarpur/ Zira – Dal Khalsa and its allies on the Republic Day today took out marches in Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur and Zira against denial of right to self-determination under present Indian Constitution. 

Hundreds of activists of Dal Khalsa participated in the marches seeking UN intervention to get the right. The radical organisations questioned the Indian constitution and the tri-colour alleging Sikh activists had been extra judicially in the country. The Dal Khalsa protesters carried flag symbolizing Sikh statehood. 

Observing Jan 26 as a black day, the rebellious demonstrators carried flags, banners and placards, chanting slogans of ‘Free Punjab from India’ and denounced the Indian state for crushing the rights of Sikhs, Kashmiris and other oppressed people. These banners also termed Indian democracy fake and bogus. 

The leaders of the hardliner group urged five permanent members of the UN Security Council to take strong notice of India for subverting its own constitution to deny democratic rights to its religious and ethnic minorities. 

Addressing the gathering, party head Harpal Singh Cheema in Hoshiarpur said, “It has been 70 long years since the adoption of Constitution, but nothing has changed. He said the Constitution gives rights on one hand and deceitfully takes back on the other. The list of constitutional wrongs and injustices has grown with every passing year, in fact with every passing day. The original promises and commitments including right to self-determination and right to secede have been long forgotten by the Indian leadership.”

Although the right to self-determination has been adopted by the United Nations and carries its sanction, most countries including India subvert this right in the name of territorial integrity and unity of the country and even go to the extent of dubbing the proponents of this right as extremists, said Cheema. 

Another senior leader H S Dhami asserted their  struggle will continue till the achievement of this democratic right. 

SYP head Paramjit Singh Mand said the manner in which impunity has been granted to security forces has led to gross rights abuses. 

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh speaking at Ludhiana said Sikhs and Kashmiris were not alone in this crisis of identity in India. All the minorities, including the Dalits, are also suffering.

He said the international community has been responding only in situations of armed struggle but maintaining a deafening silence about state violence. “International forums unabashedly ignore the democratic and peaceful struggle of the Sikhs and Kashmiris and turn a blind eye to the misery, pain and violation of their human rights,” he said.
At Zira town, the March was led by Baba Hardeep Singh Mehraj. And Lakha Sidhana. They demanded arrest of tainted cops responsibile for Behbal Kalan firing. Stay has been vacated by High Court , now we dare Amarinder Govt to arrest Saini, Sharma and others, said they. 


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