Dal Khalsa call to observe August 15 as black day

Punjab Update Bureau
Moga- Dal Khalsa called upon the community to boycott Indian independence day celebrations and do not recite “Indian National Anthem” – Jana Gan Man as these verses do not represent the independent stature of the Sikh community.

Citing the continued loot of river waters, misuse of colonial-era archiac sedition laws to stifle dissent and harass dissenting people across the board, lynching of Dalits and Muslims in the name of cow protection” and denial of right to self determination to the people of Punjab,  the Dal Khalsa declared that “the Independence of Punjab’ was the only solution for its people to protect their distinct identity, its natural resources, social-political interests, fulfill rightful aspirations and move forward without any outside domination and fear.

Addressing the press conference Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh the current Indian state under Narendra Modi is transforming towards more centralisation and more Hinduization. That is the only transformational project that is taking place today. The march towards Hindu rashtra has already begun under Sangh Parivar. He expressed concern about the Punjab and declare that Punjabi’s were socially, ethically, culturally and political different from Indians. He said on Aug 15 while Indians celebrate their freedom, Sikhs would observe it as a black day.

He said the rulers of the country were worried about the protection of cow, but ironically they treat human beings especially dalits and minorities in an inhumane way. “The party that claimed to be a party with difference has been totally turned out to be ethically and morally corrupt once it tasted power. Expressing solidarity with Panchkula girl Varnika Kundu , he said the bhakats of Hindutva brigade has shamed the society.  He apprehended that the law won’t be allowed to take its own course in this case courtesy the political status of stalker. 

He said theirs group would hold a Conference and protest march on August 14 at Jalandhar and added that the “the aim is to show our resolve and desire for Azaadi from India.  He gave a call for boycott of celebrations as there was no reason for Sikhs to celebrate Aug 15“.

Prominent amongst those who were present includes Amrik Singh Issru, Jasbir Singh Khandur, Jagjit Singh Khosa, SYP head Paramjit Singh Tanda.

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