Curfew Management Guidelines issued by Govt of Punjab

Curfew Management Guidelines


Ø During the period of curfew, door-to-door delivery of essential commodities that is groceries, milk, fruits and vegetables may be ensured through pre-identified hawkers/distributors wherever possible;

 Ø Grocery shops, milk vendors, fruits and vegetables shops and chemists should be permitted to open on rotation in a manner that at any point of time at least one shop each is open in a given area;

 Ø Such shops should also be allowed to provide door-to-door delivery on call;

 Ø The shops permitted to open should be kept under supervision of 1-2 policemen to check over-crowding and maintain spatial distancing;

 Ø District Mandi Officers/Market Committee Secretaries should ensure system of home delivery of vegetables and groceries, respectively, otherwise people will flock in large numbers when curfew is relaxed and Law & Order situation may arise. Some bigger malls and businesses can also be engaged for door to door delivery;

 Ø Only in case of emergency, people may be permitted to go on-foot for 3-4 things namely groceries, milk, fruits and vegetables and medicines/chemists and, to doctors and nursing homes;

 Ø Vehicular movement without a pass not to be allowed;

 Ø In emergency, a citizen/resident should be able to call police or civil control rooms to avail necessary essential services;

 Ø No general relaxations should be allowed.


 Issued by Govt of Punjab

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