Friday 14 August 2020

COVID Warriors felicitated by Commissioner MC

- Posted on 03 July 2020

S.A.S. Nagar, July 3: ”The frontline departments such as the Health and Police as well as the individuals who are putting their lives at risk and serving the people during the covid crisis, deserve to be felicitated as that would boost their morale and propel them to excel in this noble mission.Besides, close coordination of all the departments is also absolutely essential in order to make the fight covid19 to its logical conclusion.” These words were disclosed here today by the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Mohali Mr. Kamal Garg on the occasion of honouring the COVID warriors.

He further said that in accordance with the protocol issued by the Health Department, the necessary safety precautions such as wearing of masks when going out, washing of hands with sanitizers and soap for 20 seconds as often as possible and maintaining the social distancing, must be followed in the letter and spirit so as to win the war against corona virus. He further added that the Mission Fateh campaign launched by the State Government, also emphasizes making the common people aware at the grassroots level about various health related safeguards to be taken.

Divulging more, he said that during the covid crisis, a total of 6 teams of MC, Mohali are carrying out the sanitization activities and apart from this, the MC has distributed 26000 packets of ration besides exhorting 648 people to download cova app and associating 180 people to join as Mission Fateh Warriors.

Earlier, the Commissioner honoured COVID Warriors with appreciation certificates besides 100 badges for valuable services rendered during the pandemic.

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