Corona scare: AAP appeals to people to stay indoors to say ‘no’ to deadly virus

Chandigarh, 21 March : Amid the looming scare of pandemic corona virus spreading its fangs across the globe, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appealed to the people of the state to accord priority to the safety and security of their families and the society as a whole to keep off the scare of Corona virus.

In a statement issued from party headquarters on Saturday, senior party leader and MLA Harpal Singh Cheema said : “With a view to protecting ourselves, our families and the humanity at large from the epidemic, we need to maintain proper social distancing by staying indoors”. Cheema said we needed to act like responsible citizen of the country in this hour of grave crisis and join hands with the central and state governments and the doctors to fight the formidable epidemic by adhering to the advisories sounded by them on a day-to-day basis so that the zombie of Covid- 19 could be defeated.

Cheema said the outbreak of the corona virus continued to spread worldwide by the day and had taken a heavy toll on human lives in various countries reeling under the threat of deadly virus. He made a fervent appeal to the people in the state to strictly follow the precious advisories sounded by the dispensations, while invoking the Providence by offering prayers sitting at home in this hour of global crisis.

The AAP leader demanded that the central and state governments should come to the rescue of the poor and the daily wage earners by releasing special funds and set up special teams to supply provisions and other essential commodities of daily use to them at home. He added that it was the primary duty of the union and state governments to providing food to the people at home who earned their bread and butter on a daily basis, Cheema said.

Lauding efforts of the Trident Group, Cheema urged all industrialists, businessmen, companies and establishments across the state to allow their employees on leave/ work from home with full pay. He also demanded that the government should initiate steps to check black marketing or overcharging on sanitizers, masks and other combative gadgets by some unscrupulous and greedy people to generate fear psychosis among the people.

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