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Congress leaders complicit in drug trafficking in the state: Kultar Sandhwan

- Posted on 23 November 2020

Chandigarh, November 23

Punjab chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh, who had taken a solemn vow in the presence of Sri ‘Gutka’ Sahib to eradicate the menace of drugs in weeks after assuming power in 2017, had been one with the drug lords now, extending political patronage to them.


The illicit liquor allegedly recovered from Congress stalwart in the Patti area of Amritsar by the district police, had exposed the nexus between the Congress leaders and the drug lords running drug trafficking without a scantest fear of the law. This was stated by Kotkapura MLA Kultar Singh Sandhawan and Barnala MLA Meet Hayer in a statement issued from the party headquarters in Chandigarh here on Monday.


The AAP leaders said that the Capt. Amarinder Singh government had been  extending patronage to the drug smugglers, who had earlier the blessings of leaders of then Akali Dal (Badal), ruining innocent lives of youth in the state, by allegedly pushing into the dragnet of drugs.


The AAP MLAs alleged that earlier links of drug lord Rano from Ludhiana area with Akali Dal and Congress leaders had hit the newspaper headlines, adding that  the involvement of Captain Amarinder Singh’s OSD in that case had also surfaced in the media and gone viral on the social media platforms, leaving nothing to speculation that the politician and drug lords were hand in glove with each other.


The AAP leaders revealed that the illicit liquor, allegedly smuggled from outside the state by Congress leaders Sekhon brothers, had exposed the nexus, adding that while the Congress leaders,  CM’s OSD, ministers and Congress MLAs were busy  facilitating drug traffickers to have their way, Capt. Amarinder Singh was busy ensuring their safety, the leaders further said.


The leaders said that the Captain government had not yet taken any action against those allegedly involved in the case of deaths due to consumption of spurious liquor in the Majha area in the recent past, saying that Captain was worried not about the loss of innocent lives but his only concern was to extend protection to the drug peddlers and offering  cover to them to have  a free run.


The leaders alleged that the Captain Government, like the power drunk Akali leaders were promoting mafia in the state, the Congress government was  conspicuous by extending its patronage to sand mining, drug trafficking and illicit supply of liquor in the state. Expressing serious concern over the rising incidents of death due to the consumption of spurious liquor,  jeopardizing people lives with those sitting in the higher echelons of power involved in importing substandard liquor from other states.


The leaders warned that if the Captain government failed to crack a whip on those behind the illicit trade involving political big sticks, Aam Aadmi Party would mount a concerted campaign against Congress leaders’ complicity in drug trafficking in the state.

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