Condemning SL blasts, Dal khalsa says disturbing trend of targeting religious places and worshipers emerging

Chandigarh- Saddened and shocked at the killing of 290 innocent people, mostly worshipers in a series of blasts in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, the Dal Khalsa condemned the terror act, calling it “horrific and barbaric”. 

Party Spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh expressed condolences to the aggrieved families. We, as a nation sympathize with the family of those who were killed and injured and share their grief from the inner core of our heart.

Seeing a disturbing trend emerging in the world, the Dal Khalsa leader pointed out that early in March, it was a mosque which was a target in New Zealand, which left 50 innocent Muslims dead and this time the targets are churches in Sri Lanka with a few hundred killings. 

The perpetrators at both the places have nothing common but for unleashing hatred on innocent religious followers.  This latest new trend of targeting religious places and worshipers was dangerous and perhaps the worst kind of terrorism, said he. He gave the call to the international community to join hands to defeat such destructive forces. 

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