Code violation: AAP seeks transfer of Barnala DSP

Chandigarh, April 17, 2019

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday lodged a complaint to the Chief Election Officer seeking immediate transfer of Barnala City DSP, Rajesh Chhibber.

Party spokesman and Legal Wing President Jastej Singh Arora said in a statement issued from party head office in Chandigarh that DSP Rajesh Chhibber be shifted from Barnala to ensure smooth and peaceful election in the constituency.

In a written complaint, Arora said that Chhibber was trying to influence voters to in favour of the ruling Congress candidate, stating that he was indulging making phone calls to businessmen and shopkeepers and others in the area to vote and support the Congress nominee.

Arora further said, in his complaint, that Chhibber was trying to threaten voters in  the constituency to vote and support a particular candidate by misusing his official powers. He had been threatening them with dire consequences if they failed to so, Arora further said in his complaint.

Arora said in the complaint that Chhibber was a blue-eyed boy of the ruling Congress Party and that he had been indulging in illegal practices despite the fact that Model Code of Conduct in force ahead of the Lok Sabha election.

Arora further alleged that there was a free flow of liquor in the constituency under the protective patronage of the officer. He demanded that he be immediately shifted from the area thereby restoring the peaceful atmosphere in the poll bound Barnala segment.

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