Clear evidence of Cong hand in sacrilege acts in Punjab : Sukhbir Singh Badal

-(Says it was a conspiracy to defame SAD-BJP govt)

-Sukhbir’s five posers to Amarinder

-Sukhbir Badal dares CM to name a single development or welfare scheme in three years


Chandigarh, March 15 

Former Deputy Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) President Sukhbir Singh Badal today held the Congress party “squarely responsible for the shocking and painful acts of sacrilege in Punjab during the SAD-BJP government and said that evidence had now surfaced to prove that these acts were a part of deep rooted conspiracy to defame the then-popular SAD BJP government ahead of the 2017 assembly elections.

“Subsequent events have provided categorical and convincing evidence of the Congress hand in the conspiracy.The version of the key eye witness Surjit Singh unnerved the Congress government as they knew that this would lead the trail to their house. That is why they brazenly and shamelessly  tried to  destroy the evidence by putting pressure on the key witnesses to change his version, leading to his death under psychological stress,” said Mr Badal while addressing media persons in the party headquarters here this afternoon.

Mr Badal said, “It is clear that the Congress got nervous and deputed its key leaders Gurpreet Singh Kangar and Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon to browbeat and force key eye-witnesses not to speak the truth and to change their earlier version. The statements made by the deceased’s wife Jasbir Kaur, have thoroughly exposed the Congress.“I want to ask a simple question: why does the Congress government want to suppress the truth? Why is the CM not acting against Dhillon and Kangar? Why is the poor wife of the key witness being denied justice?”asked Mr Badal in response to a question.

Mr Badal was here to address a press conference on the completion of three years of the Congress government in the state. He described these three years as “a period when Punjab remained a headless state with no government visible either in the civil secretariat or in the villages, towns and cities of the state. This was a period when the people of Punjab got nothing except betrayal, indifference and neglect at the  hands of a power-drunk and arrogant ruler who humiliated Punjabis , treating even meeting the people below his royal dignity.

 Mr Badal opened his remarks by posing five questions to the Punjab Chief Minister, daring him to name even a single development project or a single welfare scheme started by his government. “How many times in these three years have you been to your office or to your state or how many times have you been even to the sacred Shri Harmandar Sahib and Durgiana Temple to seek blessings of the almighty.

He said that the these three years were  a period when the Chief Minister lied shamelessly in the name of the great Guru Sahiban, taking false oath in the name of Guru Gobind Singh, only to cheat the farmers on complete debt waiver and Rs 10 lakh and job to suicide affected family, betrayal of youth on “jobs for every family and Rs 2500 pm unemployment allowance and cell phones, Dalits on “Shagun of 51,000, free houses and  Post Matric scholarships, girls on free education up to Ph D and senior citizens on pension of Rs 2500, said the SAD president.

As matter of fact, said Mr Badal,  the last three years had witnessed an end to all  pro-people measures launched by the erstwhile SAD-BJP government led by S Parkash Singh Badal including making the State power surplus, creating world class infrastructure including airports and highways, unique social welfare schemes and novel healthcare measures like free cancer treatment.

Mr Badal said that this government was formed on the basis of sacrilegious lies told on oath of sacred Sikh scriptures ( Gutka Sahib) in the name of the sacred “charan” of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji , invoking the presence of Takhat Shri Damdama Sahib. But the CM shamelessly and callously broke all these oaths, and in his press conference he did not even deem it his duty to recall that oath.

Stating that the Congress government had not fulfilled any promise made to the people, Mr Sukhbir Badal said “forget implementing an Rs 90,000 crore farm loan waiver, the government has not even released one rupee to any farmer from the Rs 3,000 crore allocated for loan waiver to farmers in last year’s budget”.

Asserting that every section of society was suffering from the utter insensitivity of the Congress government, Mr Badal said farm suicide victim families who were promised a government job, Rs ten lakh compensation and waiver of their loans were not even getting the earlier earmarked Rs 3 lakh compensation. He said the government apathy towards farmers was such that it was not releasing Rs 450 crore due to sugarcane growers and had not disbursed crop compensation dues for more than one year.

Terming the Ghar Ghar Rozgar promise the biggest fraud perpetrated on youth, the SAD President said the irony was that the chief minister was sprinkling salt on the wounds of the youth by claiming that the government had created 12 lakh jobs. “The truth is that only 34,000 government jobs have been given to the youth in the last three years”. He said the youth, who had now even stopped going to so called Job Fairs of the government, were still awaiting the Rs 2,500 per month unemployment allowance besides smart phones from the last three Diwali festivals.

Speaking about the discrimination meted out to the scheduled caste community, Mr Badal said the Congress election manifesto had promised free houses or five marla plots with financial assistance of Rs one lakh to eligible homeless SC families in the State. “The Congress government has not even started implementing this promise”. He said the SC community had also suffered with the government making the 200 units per month free facility given to them by S Parkash Singh Badal infructuous by putting riders in the scheme. He said the SC population had now been saddled with inflated bills ranging from Rs 50,000 per connection to lakhs of rupees even as they were denied SC scholarship, school uniforms and cycles besides other benefits.

Stating that the Congress government was pushing more youth into drugs rather than eradicating drugs in four weeks as promised, Mr Badal said recent heroin seizures had seen Congress leaders being directly implicated. He said around 300 youth had died in drug overdose cases even as 67,000 new addicts had been created by the Rs 300 crore brupenorhine tablet scam of Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu as per own report of the Punjab government.

Mr Badal said instead of doing anything to stem the rot, the chief minister had given Congress legislators a free rein to loot the State. He said Congress leaders had formed cartels and implemented ‘goonda tax’ and pushed up sand prices out of reach of the common man besides causing loss to the State exchequer by not depositing auction fee. He said environmental clearances had not been given deliberately to facilitate this loot. He said similarly excise revenues had dried up because of inter-State smuggling being done by Congress leaders.

Mr Badal said all promises remained unfulfilled & the common man was being made to suffer. He said the power tariff had gone up by 17 times in three years from around Rs 5.50 per unit during SAD-BJP tenure to Rs 8.5 per unit now. He said industrial tariff had also gone up to Rs 9 per unit crippling the industrial sector. He said simultaneously the government had indulged in a Rs 4300 crore power scam whereby corrupt under hand deals were made to give a benefit of Rs 2,700 crore to private thermal plants as well as Rs 1,602 crore benefit to a coal company.

He said the common man was also suffering due to non release of several social welfare benefits. He said old age pension and Shagun scheme were not being released for months together. “These are the same people who were promised increase of old age pension to Rs 2,500 per month and Shagun scheme benefit to Rs 51,000 per month”.

The SAD President said even the day to day life of citizens had been destroyed in Congress rule with law of the jungle prevailing in the State. He said on the one hand Akalis were being targeted and killed even as there was a sharp increase in snatchings, kidnappings and contract killings due to increase in gangster culture. “The minister – gangster culture has resulted in gangsters operating at will from jail”.

Asserting that even the State employees were at the receiving end of ‘dandas’ and repression, Mr Badal said employees were not given Dearness Allowance dues of Rs 4,000 crore and the Sixth Pay Commission had been delayed by one year. He said the government was refusing to regularize 27,000 contractual employees.

The SAD President said it was due to this that no single big investment had come to the State in the last three years with the chief minister not inaugurating one big plant in three years. He said the CM did inaugurate the Sonalika tractor factory extension and the ITC facility at Kapurthala but both projects were approved by the erstwhile SAD-BJP government.

The SAD President concluded that Punjab was suffering financially and witnessing a negative growth rate since the last three years due to deliberate mismanagement by the Congress government. He said both own and tax and non tax revenues had slipped. He said the situation was such that the State had not released money for 148 schemes totaling an expenditure of Rs 9,000 crore. 

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