Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne’s co-parenting on point

Although Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne announced their split in 2018, they have not let it come in the way of a wholesome upbringing for their two-year-old son, Bear.

According to, Cheryl recently opened up in a recent interview with the Telegraph about co-parenting her son with the 25-year-old ex-One Direction member. “I’m the strict one, Liam isn’t. I’ll be the one saying, ‘Just one square of chocolate,’ but Bear is so good. If I get cross with him, he puts his little hands on my face and looks into my eyes to see if I’m dead serious or a tiny bit cross, and it melts my heart,” she said.

Cheryl further added that they’d rather not let their split hamper their child’s wellbeing and upbringing. “When you have a baby, you are not consumed thinking about yourself. It’s your responsibility to keep things settled and happy, so you make the best of everything. And we have.”

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