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CEO writes letter to PS Transport for issuance of advice to public and private bus service providers to stick to model code of conduct

- Posted on 20 April 2019

Chandigarh, 20 April :

The Chief Electoral Officer of Punjab today wrote a letter to the Principal Secretary to Government of Punjab (Department of Transport) to issue advisory to public and private bus service providers during parliament election period 2019

In its letter Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab, Dr. S. Karuna Raju said that in order to create a level playing field, the Election Commission of India has issued detailed instructions for monitoring of election expenditure during General Elections to Lok Sabha-2019. With this said aim in mind various expenditure monitoring teams are functional in all Districts of the State from the date of announcement of elections.

He further said that many incidents came into light in recent past, when buses were used to carry money and valuables from one place to other. He said that there are many Nakas has been setup in the state to check buses and other vehicles. If   unaccounted money, foreign currency, illegal arms, valuables, gold, silver, intoxicants and any other things will found in buses then this would cause inconvenience to the bus passengers. To avoid this type of situation, bus operators should take necessary action in this regard.

Dr. Raju has appealed bus owners to sensitize there driver, conductor and helpers so that this type of incidents never happens because these incidents defame the concerned operators name and it also adversely affects election process. If any incident of illegal activities came in light then strict action would be taken as per motor vehicle act, arms act, excise act, IPC and currency act.

CEO appealed to the bus operators to served people with sincerity. He also sought the cooperation from public and private bus service operators for peaceful conduct of Parliamentary Elections-2019.

The CEO appealed to the bus operators to use Ambulance services seamlessly for people. He sought the cooperation from public and private bus service operators for peaceful conduct of elections-2019.

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