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Centre should no more test farmers’ patience: Bhagwant Mann

- Posted on 05 December 2020

Chandigarh, 5 December 2020

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab President and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann today slammed the union government for the failure of the fifth round of meeting between the farmer bodies and Union Ministers for repealing the black laws imposed by the Union government.


Mann said that the reason for failure of today’s meeting was attributable to the stubborn stance of the government towards the just and genuine demands of the farmers, which was why the meeting remained inconclusive. Mann said that the failure of the meeting time and again would have disastrous ramifications not only on farmers but every section of society, besides being hit the country’s economy hard.


In a statement issued from the party headquarters on Saturday, Bhagwant Mann said that the intentions of the Union government were not clear, which could be gauzed from the non-seriousness of the government, holding the meeting without any tangible outcome.


 The AAP MP said that the union government was indulging in prolonging the issue unnecessarily simply to tire the farmers out and weaken their struggle, saying that the farmers were strong enough to face any oppression to achieve their mission – to have the draconian laws reversed. Mann said the government should not test the patience of the farmers, who know how to protect their rights under all odds.


Mann further said that the demands of the farmers were simple and straightforward for the government to understand, demanding that a special session of Parliament be convened immediately to repeal the black laws and ensure procurement of all crops at the MSP, which was the only way forward to end the agrarian impasse.


The state president said that “If a midnight session of Parliament can be convened to bring in the GST, why can’t it be convened for ‘Anaandatas’ braving cold winter night under the open sky?”


At the same time, Bhagwant Mann strongly supported the call for a Bharat bandh call on December 8 given by the farmers and appealed to all party leaders and volunteers to contribute their mite to making Bharat Bandh a great success without any party flag or political agenda.

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