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Central University of Punjab organized National Webinar on ‘ Exercise, Mother of Heart’

- Posted on 06 February 2021

5th February, 2021, Bathinda

Department of Physical Education, Central University of Punjab Bathinda (CUPB) under the patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari organized a National Webinar on the theme “Exercise, Mother of Heart”. The keynote speaker of this Webinar was eminent Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Rakesh Chittora from Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur. He talked about the significance of exercise for healthy heart and cardiovascular disease management. Approximately 100 participants from across the country participated in this programme through digital platform.

In the beginning, Dr. Sanjeev Kuamr, In-charge, Department of Physical Education, welcomed the participants and introduced the Distinguished Speaker. During his Lecture, Dr. Rakesh Chittora mentioned that Exercise is medicine, and there is no question that moderate to vigorous physical activity is beneficial to overall cardiovascular health. However, like medicine, it is possible to underdose and overdose on exercise – more is not always better and can lead to cardiac events, particularly when performed by inactive, unfit, individuals with known or undiagnosed heart disease.

For those people who want to become more active, Dr. Chittora suggested that most people can start a light program of exercise and build up slowly to a moderate to vigorous exercise regimen without seeing a physician first, unless they have physical symptoms such as chest pain, chest pressure or severe shortness of breath while exercising. It is important to start exercising – but go slow, even if you were an athlete in past. In addition, he informed that people with known heart disease, such as a previous heart attack, bypass surgery or angioplasty should get their doctor’s approval prior to starting an exercise program. For currently inactive or sedentary people, the Dr. Rakesh Chittora also suggests checking with your doctor before engaging in any strenuous activities such as shoveling snow or racquet sports, which create rapid increases in heart rate and blood pressure and greatly increase the strain on the heart.

During this interactive session, participants shared their queries with the speaker, and which were adequately answered by him. Prof. Vinod K. Garg, Dean Students Welfare complimented keynmote speaker for sharing key insights on the webinar topic. He also motivated students to do regular exercise and take healthy diet to stay fit. On the concluding remark Dr. Shankar Lal Bika, Associate Dean, School of Education, CUPB had given vote of thanks.

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