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Central govt’s arrogance my prove dangerous for country: Jakhar

- Posted on 15 January 2021

CHANDIGARH, January 15: Thousands of Congress workers led by the Punjab Congress Committee president Sunil Jakhar and joined by several ministers and legislators today took out a protest march from the Congress Bhawan here towards Punjab Raj Bhawan seeking repealing of three controversial farm laws.


However, the protestors were stopped from moving towards the Raj Bhawan as there was heavy police barricading. The Congress leaders and workers stopped at the barricade and staged a massive protest seeking complete repealing of the three controversial laws which have brought the farmers on the roads.


Addressing the protestors Jakhar said the central government was behaving in an absolutely arrogant manner and did not have any respect for democratic practices and public opinion. “It is the arrogance of this government that is preventing it from repealing the laws which have been outrightly rejected by the farming community from across the country”, Jakhar said, while warning against the prolonged stalemate on the issue.


The PCC president said, it was after a long struggle by the Congress party that these constitutional institutions had been set up and strengthened and now the BJP was trying to undermine all such institutions as it had hardly any value or respect for these institutions.


He said, the arrogance of the central government was not only challenging but undermining the democratic and constitutional institutions of the country. He said, this government seems to be treating the citizens of the country as its slaves and pushing them into the slavery.


Paying glowing tributes to the farmers who laid down their lives during the ongoing protests, Jakhar said they were the martyrs of the movement and held the Modi government responsible for their martyrdom. “The way the central government was responsible for pushing our soldiers into the death trap in Galwan heights by lack of will and planning, in a similar way this government is pushing our farmers to death”, he said and warned that it was going to have dangerous repercussions for the country.


He said, it was not just the farmers, but every section of the society which was feeling annoyed and agitated over the three controversial agricultural laws which may eventually end up in compromising the food security of the country.

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