CBSE students can now opt from 2 levels of Math paper

Hyderabad: The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) announced on Friday that Class X students will have two levels of Mathematics papers from 2020. But educationists criticised the move, saying this was not necessary at this stage, as they have a choice at the Intermediate level.

According to a circular issued by the CBSE, the two levels of examination would not only cater to different kinds of learners and allow different levels of testing, it would also reduce students’ overall stress level. 

The two levels will be called Mathematics-Standard, which is the existing paper, and an easier Mathematics-Basic.

The circular said, “The syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment for both the levels of examination would remain the same; so that the students get an opportunity to study the whole range of topics throughout the year and are able to decide upon the level of Board examination depending upon their aptitude and abilities.”

The standard level will be for students who wish to pursue mathematics at higher levels, while the basic level would be for students who do not. 

“A student will have the right to choose between the two levels of examination at the time of submission of list of candidates by the affiliated school to the board online,” the circular added.

Educationists feel the division is not desirable.

“In many countries, general education is uniform up to a certain level. In India, it is up to Class 10. After that students have specialised studies depending on their aptitude and abilities. The CBSE’s move will defeat this concept,” said Mr Nagati Narayana from the Centre for Educational Research and Analysis. “If the syllabus and internal assessment in Class 10 is the same, then why two levels of testing? What is wrong with the present exam? Those who have got more marks in mathematics opt for maths in Inter and Degree. Others take up science and humanities. Why this division during exams?”

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