30 November 2020 10:06 am

Capt Amarinder’s new-found love for corporate houses exposes his anti-farmer face: Bhagwant Mann

- Posted on 18 November 2020

Chandigarh, November 18:

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab has ridiculed Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh for his new found love and bonhomie for the patronised corporate houses, which has exposed his anti-farmer and anti-Punjab face, saying it was nothing but affixing a stamp of confirmation to the three contentious farm laws brought in by the Modi government at the centre.


In a statement issued from party headquarters in Chandigarh here on Wednesday, state unit president and Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann has strongly condemned the statement made by Capt Amarinder Singh, saying “He was not against the corporate houses, but peasants’ issue is a priority”, which had exposed his anti-farmer face.


Bhagwant Mann said that while the farmers of Punjab were fighting a grim battle against the corporate houses to save their land and sustenance, the Chief Minister was making statements in support of the corporate houses, which had exposed his anti-farmer face.


He added that such a controversial statement coming at a crucial time when all sections of people in the state, including children, youth, elderly and men, women were extending their wholehearted support to the struggling farmers by spending day and night on the roads, railway tracks in the prevailing cold weather conditions, Captain was flaunting his love for the corporate houses and backstabbing the farmers.


Mann said that Capt. Amarinder Singh and Parkash Singh Badal, who had been changing hands in ruling Punjab for longer spans of time, had always stood with the corporate houses and advocated their causes instead of holding hands of the people of Punjab at large. He said that both have exploited the gullible people for their petty political ends, saying both were hand in glove with Adanis and Ambanis.


The Sangrur MP also said on the occasion that while the Modi government at the Center was hell-bent on devastating the rural economy, the very backbone of Punjab, by imposing a curb on the movement of freight and passenger trains amid the ongoing agitation of the farmers to  fight back the draconian agriculture laws.


He blamed the Captain government for  clearing the passage for implementation of the controversial black laws in its state, which  had left nothing to speculate that the Congress, BJP and SAD were a chip of the old block, adding that, the waiver allowed in Abohar on mandi fee proved the point.


Taking a swipe at the Capt. Amarinder Singh, Mann said that he (Captain Amarinder) was elected Chief Minister by the people of Punjab and not by a handful of corporate honchos, saying he should hold hand of the people and work for protecting their rights which was his prime duty towards the electorate, adding that the Aam Aadmi Party, which had always been by the side of the people, especially the farmers, fighting for their common interests, would vehemently opposed any move which went against their interests.

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