Capt Amarinder Singh calls ‘1917’ actor’s ‘diversity’ remark ‘rubbish’; Fox apologises

Chandigarh, January 24

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh advised British actor Laurence Fox to gain knowledge of military history, after the actor said a scene from his film ‘1917’ was forcing diversity on viewers with its depiction of a Sikh soldier on Friday.

The Captain termed Fox’s remarks as “bunkum” (rubbish).

The actor’s remarks have triggered an outrage among Indians and Sikhs in the UK, as well as military historians.

In conversation with The Indian Express, he told the Indian troops, which arrived in Europe in 1914, played an important role in preventing a military disaster.

“This is an actor. What does he know about war history? He is talking bunkum and should read history,” said the Punjab Chief Minister.

Further, the Punjab Chief Minister said two divisions went from India–the Third Lahore Division, and the Seventh Meerut Division.

He said that his regiment was part of the Jalandhar Brigade, which comprised the 129th Baluchis, 47 Sikhs and 15 Sikhs.

He further said that the Indian troops had been in contact with the Germans up North.

“We fought a delaying action right up to the Ypres line. We very much fought alongside the British,” Amarinder told Indian Express.

Further, The Indian Express reported that Squadron Leader Rana Chhina, a military historian with United Services Institute in Delhi, said that it was good that the movie had shown the presence of an Indian soldier, albeit briefly.

Fox had said that ‘forcing diversity on people’ is ‘institutionally racist’ after saying that the inclusion of Nabhaan Rizwan portraying Sepoy Jondalar was not in keeping with the film’s surroundings.

He, however, apologised to the Sikh community later, saying that he was being clumsy in expressing himself over the matter.

Laurence wrote: “Fellow humans who are #Sikhs. I am as moved by the sacrifices your relatives made as I am by the loss of all those who die in war, whatever creed or colour. Please accept my apology for being clumsy in the way I have expressed myself over this matter in recent days.”

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