BJP MP seeks ban on Chinese products

New delhi, July 27 (IANS) A Lok Sabha member of the BJP on Thursday demanded a ban on Chinese products in the country amid a stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops along the border in Sikkim sector.

Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Mumbai North Gopal Shetty said: “When China is trying to enter our territory and tension is continuing, in such situation all citizens, government and non-government organisations should stop using ‘Made in China’ products.”
He said the national carrier Air India was procuring made in China air sickness bags, headsets, disposable pillow covers and other things.
“Banning Chinese products will lead to their economy becoming weaker and our ‘Make in India’ policy will get a boost,” Shetty said during Zero Hour.
A stand-off is continuing between the soldiers of both the countries along the border in Sikkim sector after China attempted road construction in Bhutan’s territory around mid-June.
Both sides have reinforced troops and are maintaining position along the border, with no signs of a withdrawal soon.
China has repeatedly said troop withdrawal by India from Doklam in the Sikkim sector remained the precondition to resolve the border crisis.

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