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BJP has committed a historical blunder and breach of faith by ending statehood and special status of Kashmir: Khaira

- Posted on 05 August 2019

Asks NDA government to focus on country’s sinking economic situation

Chandigarh, Aug 5-Sukhpal Singh Khaira Bholath MLA and President of Punjab Ekta Party(PEP) today flayed the BJP led National Democratic Alliance(NDA) government in center for ending special status given to Jammu and Kashmir by the constitution of India.

In a statement issued here today Khaira said that it was historic blunder committed by BJP by snatching special status of Kashmir which was accorded under an agreement between Raja Hari Singh, the then emperor of Kashmir state and the Government of India. He said that BJP’s action was breach of trust with the people of Kashmir.

He said that BJP government decision to revoke two important sections of article 370 of Indian constitution and erasing Section 35A was an unconstitutional, undemocratic and dictatorial act.

Khaira said that the Modi-Amit Shah duo had reversed the meaning of democracy through this anti people decision as the people of Kashmir have been demanding and agitating for autonomy and independence for many decades but instead the BJP government has further curtailed the powers that J&K had been guaranteed by the constitution.

Khaira said that India was adopting hostile attitude towards minority communities. He said that BJP had earlier formed government with PDP in Kashmir and now put the PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti under house arrest. He said that BJP had sabotaged the political process in Kashmir and tried to rule the state through Governor And the barrel of gun. Now by declaring J&K a Union Territory, BJP has killed the democracy and preparing for an unending cycle of atrocities on members of minority community.

Khaira said Indian government has also failed to reciprocate goodwill gestures by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who has opened the Kartarpur Sahib corridor for Sikhs opened 1000 year old Hindu temple of Shawala Teja Singh in Dharowal in Sialkot district. He said that peace in the region was in the interest of both the countries. He urged the Modi government to increase people to people contact with Pakistan for stability in this region.

Khaira further said that BJP was giving preference to its political interests over the national interests and least bothered about sinking economy and growing poverty in the country. He said that India was looking at serious recession in wake of huge cut in production and sharp drop in Foreign Investments. He said that millions of jobs were scrapped in government and private sector and making it difficult for common man to survive. He said that China had captured the world market while India’s make in India mission proved a farce.

In the same breath Khaira questioned the duplicity of Badals and SAD over such a burning issue facing their brother minority community. Khaira said it was saddening to note that Akali’s who once championed the cause of a federal India and autonomy of states is now supporting a draconian law to snatch the constitutional guarantee provided to J&K and to further reduce it to a municipality by making it a UT. Khaira urged Badal to quit the NDA pull out his daughter in law from the cabinet and support the cause of J&K and restoration of democracy.

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