Big two butchers of Delhi – Tytler and Sajjan to face hangman noose next – Sukhbir Badal

Punjab Update

Chandigarh, November 20 – Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal today said now it was the turn of the two big butchers of Delhi – Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar to face the hangman’s noose, even as he expressed satisfaction at the award of death sentence and life imprisonment to two convicts in the 1984 massacre case.

In a statement here, the SAD president said 34 years after the mass carnage of thousands of Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of the country, the law was finally catching up with the genocide perpetrators with award of punishment to two culprits Yashpal Singh who was awarded death sentence and Naresh Sehrawat who was awarded life sentence. Both had murdered two Sikhs in Mahipal village in South Delhi in 1984 in the aftermath of the worst ever genocide in independent India. “All this has been possible due to affirmative and decisive action taken by the NDA government which formed a SIT in 2015 to take massacre cases to their logical conclusion, Mr Badal said these cases had been closed by the Congress government. “The SAD and the Sikh community is thankful to PM Narendra Modi for accepting our request to reopen the cases to ensure justice to the victims”.

The SAD president said “The law has been served in this case” but went on to add that the entire Sikh ‘quom’ was waiting for award of maximum penalty under the rarest of the rare cases to Congress leaders Tytler and Sajjan for their crimes against humanity. “Tytler and Sajjan led mass mobs which massacred Sikhs in their homes and on the streets of Delhi besides laying waste to their businesses. They ridiculed the entire Sikh community, the nation as well as the jurisprudence by boasting about their gory deeds with Tytler even confessing to having killed 100 Sikhs. “They deserve to go to the gallows for indulging in genocide against the Sikh community”, he added.

Mr Badal said the punishment given to two genocide perpetrators had also ignited hope in the Sikh community that the main conspirators behind the massacres would also be brought to book. “Every Sikh knows that the genocide was executed by Congress workers and leaders in active connivance with the Congress government and that former PM Rajiv Gandhi even toured the streets of Delhi with Tytler to witness the worst violence possible including torching of Sikhs and burning of their shops and gurdwaras. “Rajiv Gandhi even shamelessly justified the massacre by stating that when a big tree falls the ground shakes. The Gandhi family’s days are numbered now. Now we are hopeful that once the noose tightens around Tytler and Sajjan the role of the Gandhi family and other Congress leaders in this crime against humanity will also come to light and they will be proceeded against as per the law”.

The SAD President said 1984 victim families had suffered tremendously because the guilty were given shelter by repeated Congress governments which even obliterated evidence of the mass murders. “It took 11 Commissions and nine years for FIRs to be registered in the massacre cases even though the Nanavati Commission formed by the Vajpayee government clearly blaming Tytler, Sajjan and H K L Bhagat for the mass-murders. Even today’s case was closed before the SIT formed by the Modi government reopened it and ensure justice to the victim families”.

Stating that things had changed now, Mr Badal said “the guilty are now starting to feel the heat. I appeal to witnesses who were afraid to come forward earlier to give their depositions to bring the guilty to book. “The SAD on its part will continue to help victim families and do its utmost including fighting their cases so that they and the Sikh community can finally find closure,” he added.

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