Banning activities of Indian consulates in abroad Gurdwaras is part of Sikh resistance against New Delhi’s aggression

Amritsar– Supporting wholeheartedly the decision of Federation of Sikh Organizations and Gurdwara Managements in Canada, US and UK banning the activities of Indian consulates in Gurdwaras in their respective countries, the Dal Khalsa said the decision is part of the Sikh resistance against New Delhi’s onslaughts.  

Party leaders H S Cheema, H S Dhami and Kanwar Pal Singh said the gurdwara committees and organizations in their collective wisdom has taken rightful decision to ban all types of activities within gurdwaras carried by Indian diplomats stationed in these countries.

They slammed those who were labelling the decision as communal and not in tune with Guru’s philosophy. Contesting all false propaganda being made by misguided Sikhs and Indian officials, they clarified that “Anyone is free to pay obeisance and partake langar. There’s no bar on anyone to visit Gurdwaras purely for darshan-didaree”.

They said the practice of Indian diplomats indulging in socio-religio activities to penetrate into Sikh rank and file was an open secret. “Going against the ethics of diplomacy, these officials in consulates invoke huge amount from their unaccounted funds in gurdwara elections to ensure that “their men” get elected.  “This decision of Gurdwara’s will curtail unwarranted interference and sinister designs of Indian diplomats to some extent”.

They said sleuths of intelligence departments working undercover as diplomats play dirty tricks to create misunderstanding and bad blood among Sikh nationalist groups and personalities. “There was a need to counter India’s hidden mischief”.

They blamed diplomats for preparing blacklist of Sikhs who take part in protests against rights abuses and repressive policies of the Indian government.  They said such lists were usually used for witch-hunting or luring Sikhs to do New Delhi’s bidding. These diplomats deny visas to those Sikhs to visit their homeland that refuses to follow New Delhi’s dictates, they added. 

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