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Arvind Kerjiwal should resign as CM taking moral responsibility of Industrial accident : Sirsa

- Posted on 08 December 2019

New Delhi, December 8 : The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) President Manjinder Sirsa has demanded resignation from Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal from post of CM taking responsibility  of unfortunate accident happened today in a Industry. He also demanded registration of case against Industry Minister Satyendra Jain for

          Talking to reporters today after visiting the site,  Sirsa said that during last five years CM Arvind Kejriwal has not worked properly and Industry Minister Satyendra Jain has  should  has failed in fulfilling his responsibility properly. He said that Satyendra Jain should be held responsible for the incident today and case of lapse should be registered against him.

       Sirsa said that today’s most unfortunate incident has happened because industries are being run from unauthorized areas. He said that these industries should have been shifted to Bawana but the government failed to do so because it failed to provide plots to Industrialists and in cases where plots have been provided, lack of proper infrastructure is hampering shifting of these industries.

          The DSGMC President said that the Centre government has recently regularized un-authorized colonies, but Kejriwal  made hue and cry and failed to work as per constitutional duty. He said that  had Kejriwal worked properly, the scheme at Delhi would have been different. He also said that Delhi government has failed badly and Industry Minister Satyendra Jain cannot tell what is Industry. He said that Industry department has failed to regularize industry in unauthorized colonies. He said that corruption is widespread in this department and even the Ministers are corrupt.

          He said that he is pained at today’s unfortunate incident has happened  and demand from Government that it should compensate the victims fully and Minister Satyendra Jain should be booked for negligence and be arrested immediately.

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