Tuesday 11 August 2020

Around 53,000 Anganwari workers and helpers sensitizing people against COVID-19 across the state: Aruna Chaudhary

- Posted on 01 August 2020










Clinched 31 gold and 133 silver badges so far under Mission Fateh


Wall posters and paintings on Anganwari Centers educating people about precautions of corona


Chandigarh, August 1 :


About 53,000 Anganwari workers and helpers across the state are playing leading role in the ‘Mission Fateh’, the awareness campaign on Corona Prevention initiated by Punjab Government, informed Mrs. Aruna Chaudhary, Minister of Social Security, Women and Child Development here today. As a result, they have won 31 gold and 133 silver badges so far under ‘Mission Fateh’.


Disclosing further, Mrs. Chaudhary said that in total 27314 Anganwadi Centers of the state, 27295 Anganwari Workers and 26055 Helpers have been working hard by visiting door to door to protect the people from Coronavirus. She said that Anganwari workers have direct and easy access to the people, which makes it easier for them to create awareness amongst the people as compared to other departments.


“Apart from sensitizing the ways of prevention of Corona, people were also encouraged to download the COVA app, developed by the state government, on their mobile phones so that the information and instructions issued by the health department would reach the people immediately and they could be informed well in advance about any nearby corona victim before he making their close contact”, said Mrs. Chaudhary. She said that apart from educating parents of the Anganwari children, the workers also pasted awareness posters and paintings on the walls of the centers.


The Cabinet Minister said that the Anganwari workers and helpers taught the people about proper hand washing and also prepared and distributed masks among them. They have also disbursed rations door to door to the beneficiary children and pregnant women so that there could be no shortage in their nutrition. These workers also working closely with the Health Department to find out and quarantine immigrants of other countries or states.

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