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Amit Shah pedalling illusions among farm organizations to divide them: Bhagwant Mann

- Posted on 09 December 2020

Chandigarh, December 9, 2020: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) state President and Member of Parliament (MP) Bhagwant Mann has said that the Modi government at the Centre was trying to divide the farmers by creating illusions of sorts to derail their movement.  He said the Union Government was resorting to delay tactics on the farmers’ issues and concerns, adding that the nefarious designs of the Centre would never succeed in dividing representatives of farmer bodies.


In a statement issued from party headquarters on Wednesday, Bhagwant Mann said that only 13 out of the total 40 farmer unions were invited to an unscheduled meeting convened by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday evening. He said that even BKU (Ekta Ugraha), a prominent farmer organization of Punjab was not invited to the meeting, which he said, was a brazen attempt on the part of the union government to break the farmers’ unity.


The Sangrur MP said that leaders of the farmers’ organizations, who were invited to the hurried-convened meeting by the union home minister, had to go to various meeting venues, before announcing the designated meeting venue, which caused a lot of confusion among the farmer leaders.


Mann said that it was amply clear that Home Minister Amit Shah and the Union government were resorting to such cheap manoeuvres to break up the unity of farmers’ organizations. Mann said that by resorting to such cheap gimmicks, the Centre was creating a divide among the farmers organizations and weakening their movement. The AAP MP said that the vision and wisdom of the farmers’ leaders had thwarted the government’s malicious moves to mislead them.


Bhagwant Mann said that the Union government was still confused about the peasants’ movement and was adopting nefarious designs to derail it, adding that it should not forget that farmers’ agitation, which started from  Punjab, had now snowballed into a national movement, adding that the farmers’ movement had elicited a humongous response from the across the world.


Mann said that the more the central government was trying to break the agitation, the stronger was emerging, saying that the Home Minister Amit Shah and the Union Government should refrain from misleading the farmers by resorting to create illusions about the movement and immediately accede the genuine demands of the farmer and end the stalemate.

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