Amit Shah lying, BJP hired goons to destroy Vidyasagar statue: TMC

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress Derek O’Brien on Wednesday released video to claim “BJP goons” damaged statue of polymath Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

He said that they would take the videos to the Election Commission and authentic them on record.  

Addressing a press conference in Kolkata, Derek O’Brien said BJP is trying to justify the act and vandalism was done was hired goons.

“The video not only clearly establishes what the BJP did, but proves party chief Amit Shah is a liar. We are trying to obtain, authenticate audio of slogans like ‘Vidyasagar finished, where is the Josh’ raised during the violence,” he added.

“Today is the saddest press conference we have ever had. The president of the BJP does what he does with his goons, who he hired from outside Bengal. What happened yesterday hurt the very ethos of Bengal,” Brien added.

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