02 December 2020 02:33 pm

Amarinder Singh Responsible for Jungle Raj, Should resign from Home Ministry Immediately: Sarvjeet Kaur Manuke

- Posted on 25 October 2020

Chandigarh, 25 October 2020: Lady MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party commented on the heinous rape done on a 6 year old girl in Jalalpur village of Tanda. They said this rape was a disgrace on the government and society as unlawful elements have no fear of reprisal. They said that Chief Minister Amarinder Singh is solely responsible for this crime as he is unable to bring law and order in the state and run his home ministry. AAP lady MLAs gave a strong statement against the derogatory comments made by Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman by calling it disgraceful.

In a statement issued from the party headquarters senior leader and deputy leader of opposition Sarvjeet Kaur Manuke, Prof. Baljinder Kaur and Rupinder Kaur Ruby said that the law and order situation in Punjab has become abysmal. The involvement of big leaders in the functioning of the police force and their involvement in the corruption has destroyed the police force. An atmosphere of insecurity and fear has been created in the state while at the same time anti-social elements and criminals are gaining confidence in such a system. But despite all this, the Chief Minister of Punjab, enjoying in his farm house, can’t hear the cries of the rape victims or their families.

Sarvjeet Kaur Manuke said that the situation hasn’t changed from the Badal regime to the Captain regime. She said that the rate of crime is increasing instead of decreasing. As per government records, in 2018-19 alone 5058 cases of rape were registered, out of which only 30% were convicted while the rest 70% are still in search of justice.

Prof. Baljinder Kaur and Rupinder Kaur Ruby criticised the comment made by Nirmala Sitharaman. They said by calling the incident a picnic visit for Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, Nirmala Sitharaman has disgraced the innocent women and children who become victims to such heinous crimes. They said that this was not expected of a woman of her stature. At a time when the entire country is seeking solidarity for the victims of Hathras and Tanda, Nirmala Sitharaman is indulging in dirty politics. They demanded that Nirmala Sitharaman take these statements back and apologise to the victims of these incidents.

MLA Rupinder Kaur Ruby said that BJP can’t coverup their complicity by giving statements on the incident. She said that if the criminals had fear in their minds, then crimes like the one that happened in Tanda wouldn’t have happened.

The lady MLAs of AAP demanded that Captain Amarinder Singh, who has been a failure on every front, must not only resign as Home Minister but also resign from his Chief Minister post.

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