All veterinary hospitals and dispensaries providing uninterrupted services to the livestock farmers: Tript Bajwa

Chandigarh, April 2: The state government had declared lockdown and then imposed curfew in the state due to the situation caused by the Corona virus infection across the world. In the midst of this crisis, the livestock farmers are striving hard to continue providing nutritionally rich and essential commodity – milk to the people. To care for these farmers which include dairy farmers, poultry, piggery and goat farmers, the veterinary hospitals and dispensaries are being kept open for meeting the urgent needs of the livestock farmers.

Giving information, Animal Husbandry Minister Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa said that in Punjab, livestock farming is one of the main associate businesses of the farmers, besides traditional farming. Through these animal husbandry activities, the farmers are providing the most important sources of animal protein which are so vital for human health that is milk, meat and eggs – which are considered essential commodities for the people. Keeping in view the need of milk and other animal products for good health and immunity of the general public as well as current hardships being faced by the farmers, the Punjab Government has decided to provide uninterrupted veterinary services thought the state. 

The Animal Husbandry Minister informed that the state government has also continued the services of artificial insemination for cattle and buffaloes. As artificial insemination semen straws can be kept safe only in the liquid nitrogen gas therefore the Department of Animal Husbandry has supplied 12,000 liters of liquid nitrogen gas to all the AI centres across state.

The decision was taken by the state government to maintain the quality of the semen and to continue provide the services of artificial insemination to the livestock breeders. The semen kept for own farm use by the farmers is also being safeguarded by the nearest veterinary hospital and dispensary. 

The Director of the Department Dr. Inderjeet Singh said that the department supplies high quality frozen semen of elite bills from Patiala to all the districts of the state.

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