All CPs/SSPs: Regarding issuance of e-Passes for Covid-19 Curfew.

Chandigarh- The facility for e-Passes for Covid-19 curfew for general public has been activated at the link  In this system, the persons desirous of a pass, as applicable under different categories, can fill in their particulars alongwith their supporting documents and submit their applications online.  

In all Commissionerates/ Districts, two officers each have been designated as ‘Curfew Pass Officers’ as detailed in the list that follows.  These officers can login using their mobile number and the subsequent OTP.  They can scroll through all pending cases and take appropriate decisions to either accept the request or to reject it.  Accordingly, in all accepted cases, the applicant shall be forwarded a link through which he/ she can generate an e-Pass and even print it, if required.

You are requested to direct your Curfew Pass Officers to immediately login at and familiarize themselves with the system.  For any technical assistance, please contact Sh. Pankaj Sharma at +91-8010537471.

You are also requested to popularize the link amongst the public at large so that people in need can start submitting their applications online at the earliest.

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