Akalis have deliberately committed sins not mistakes unwittingly : Dal Khalsa

Amritsar- Dal Khalsa today lashed out at Akali Dal for once again cheating the Sikh sangat by enacting so-called drama before Almighty Waheguru in admitting jane-anjane galtihan (mistakes wittingly or unwittingly). 

Mistakes and sins are two separate things. Akalis have deliberately committed sins by engineering pardon to Sirsa cult head, shielding guilty cops responsible for killing two Sikh protesters at Behbal Kalan, hobnobbing with heretical cults  and seeking votes from dera premis during last assembly polls. “Portraying all these sins as small mistakes, itself is an another grave blunder on the part of Akalis, said party spokesman Kanwar Pal Singh.

Akalis can’t be accused and judge both at their own. If they want to repent or atone for their sins in true sense, let Akali leaders to do open admission of their sins and resign from their respective posts and leave the punishment or forgiveness aspect on the collective will of the Khalsa Panth.  

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