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After rejection by people, CM now rejecting Ministers and Advisors – Majithia

- Posted on 16 October 2019

Punjab Update

Chandigarh, October 16 – The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today said after the rejection of chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh by the people of Dakha, the Ministers and Advisors were being rejected by the CM for failing to collect crowds at his road shows in Dakha and Jalalabad.

In a statement here, former minister Bikram Singh Majithia said a senior minister and old confidant of the chief minister – Rana Sodhi was today denied entry into the CM’s car by a police personnel because of the virtual boycott of the CM by Punjabis. “The minister was publically humiliated by the police personnel and his pleas to gain entry into the CM’s car were summarily rejected. A newly appointed Advisor – Amarinder Singh Raja Warring was also told to keep distance from the chief minister’s cavalcade and not come close to it”.

Mr Majithia said this had happened due to the blame game which had erupted in the Congress party after the people of Dakha boycotted Capt Amarinder Singh’s road show completely and advance information coming in that no one had collected on the roads of Jalalabad to welcome the chief minister during his road show there today. “It is apparent the CM thinks that his Ministers and Advisors are failing in their job to collect crowds for him and are only interested in seeking favours. This is why Rana Sodhi and Raja Warring were publically scolded by the CM’s security personnel and told to keep off from the CM”.

Asserting that this was a sign of things to come, the SAD leader said the chief minister drove through empty roads in Dakha yesterday and in Jalalabad also people turned their back to him. “Like in Dakha, the Congress party was forced to use police personnel to shower flowers on the CM’s cavalcade in Jalalabad and the so-called road show looked more like the passing out parade of the Punjab Armed Police (PAP). “Since both shows were abysmal flop shows it is clear that the voters of Dakha and Jalalabad have rejected the Congress completely and will drive the last nail in the Congress party’s coffin in Punjab”.

Mr Majithia said the chief minister was going in for photo-op road shows because he could not face the people and answer why he had failed to fulfill promises made to them in the name of the holy Gutka Sahab and ‘charan’ of Sarbansdani Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. “The chief minister is also avoiding facing the Dalit community after the Punjab cabinet failed to protect the rights of the Dalit community and open more jobs for them. This issue was highlighted when cabinet minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot admitted that the entire cabinet had spoken out in one voice against creating more jobs for Scheduled Caste candidates. “It is shocking that cabinet ministers like Dharamsot continue to remain in the cabinet and other senior Dalit leaders of the Congress party refuse to raise their voice to protect the rights of their fellow brethren”.

The SAD leader said similarly there was a huge discontentment against the chief minister for refusing to come to the aid of an Amritdhari Sikh whose articles of faith were publically disrespected by cabinet minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu in Mullanpur Dakha. “The community is shocked that Capt Amarinder Singh is forsaking his own community and refusing to protect the honour of the ‘dastar’ given to the Sikhs by the Dasmesh Pitah simply to protect his cabinet colleague”. 

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