Friday 14 August 2020

Advisory issued for incoming persons to Punjab

- Posted on 04 July 2020

 Chandigarh, July 4: In view of rising cases of Covid-19, the Punjab Government has issued an advisory for all inbound persons traveling to the State of Punjab.This advisory wil be applicable from 7-7-2020.

In accordance with the advisory, Any person whether major or minor coming to Punjab via any mode i.e. Road, rail or air shall henceforth, and till further orders, would be medically screened when he/she enters Punjab and will be required to e-register himself/herself through any of the following means before starting his/her journey to Punjab.

            By uploading COVA app on his/her mobile phone & then registering himself/herself & each member of his/her family travelling with him/her.

After that would follow the process of downloading this e-registration slip & pasting it on the windscreen of his/her vehicle if travelling by personal vehicle through road or carry it with him/her on mobile if travelling in public transport or travelling by rail/air OR by logging on to portal & then e-registering all members of his/her family travelling with him/her to Punjab & then following the same process as given in para (3.1) above.

 In case any inbound traveler does not undertake the step detailed in paras 3.0 to 3.2 above, then he/she would be asked at border, rail, airport check post while entering Punjab to cooperate with the team of the Punjab Government who would undertake the data capturing process there at the spot itself. Since such process may take a lot of time hence, the Inbound people are requested to follow the instructions of paras 3.0 to 3.2.

 Except for frequent travelers, all inbound persons after reaching Punjab will have to undertake a self-quarantine of 14 days & during this period they will have to update their health status daily on COVA app OR would have to call 112 daily. In case they feel they are developing any symptoms of COVID-19, they will have to immediately call 104. For International Travelers, the quarantine woulid be institutional for first 7 days & home for the next 7 days.

Any violation of these instructions will make violators liable for penal action.

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