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AAP stand by farmers in their struggle against new farm bill : Bhagwant Mann

- Posted on 17 November 2020

Chandigarh, November 17, 2020: The Aam Admi Party on Tuesday raised the voice against the black laws imposed by Modi govt and opposed the negative behaviour of centre in regard to solve the issues of the agitating farmers. In a press statement issued from the party headquarters in Chandigarh, AAP state chief and MP Sangrur Bhagwant Mann said that it is painful to see the farmers sitting on dharnas to get their own rights. He said that the party has opposed the laws from day one and the volunteers of AAP have participated in protests against the government throughout the state.


         Mann said that Modi govt. has been turning a dumb ear to the genuine demands of the farmers so now it is the duty of Capt. Amarinder Singh to provide MSP to the farmers of the state.


The state government should come out with the legislation guaranteeing purchase of all crops at the MSP. If The CM is serious about the issues and concerns of the farmers, he should immediately assure the farmers to procure their crops at MSP. He said that the party has been fighting the battle of the farmers of state since long and will continue to do so in future. 


           Accusing PM Modi for benefitting big houses being run be his friends and ignoring the common people, Mann said that since the formation of BJP led Modi govt. at state, new experiments are being done with the people of country. He said PM Modi not only imposed anti- farmers policies in agriculture sector but has ruined the economy of country with his foolish ideas.. Due to anti- farmer policies of the Modi government at the centre farmers were forced to protest to protect their livelihood.


         Mann said that the party  in support of the farmers of the support and continue to raise their voice in every possible way. “Punjab has played a major role during the green revolution and fed the whole nation despite taking hard steps like excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides so now it is the turn of govt to reward the farmers of Punjab by assuring MSP on all crops” He said. Mann said tha Capt. Amarinder Singh grabbed the power by making hollow promises with farmers must fulfill it and take step to double the income of farmers.

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