AAP for promotion of all regional languages, being the essence of India’s unity in diversity

Hindi push under ‘One country, one language’ an attempt to divide the country: AAP

India’s diverse languages reflect her linguistic, cultural and regional identity: Principal Budh Ram

Chandigarh, September 19

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has said that it stands for the diversity of regional languages, including Punjabi (Gurmukhi) as the mother tongue of the people of Punjab, out-rightly and unequivocally rejecting the ‘one nation, one language’ formula proposed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, saying that the regional languages reflected the cultural and social diversity of the people of the country.

The AAP also condemned the misconduct with President of the Kendri Punjabi Lekhak Sabha, Dr Tejwant Mann, on the occasion of ‘Hindi Divas’ organised at the Languages Department, Patiala, as also the uncouth remarks hurled against Punjabi language,  saying it reflected the cerebral bankruptcy of those involved in the wasteful propaganda against both (Punjabi language and the litterateur) .

In a joint statement issued from party  headquarters, the state core committee chairman and legislator, Principal Budh Ram, Deputy Leader of Opposition, Bibi Sarabjit Kaur Manuke, Doaba Zone President Dr. Ravjot, Intellectual Wing President Kashmir Singh Sohal, Secretary Prof Bhim Inder, and Trade Wing President Neena Mittal, said that they had optimum honour for Hindi being the lingua franca of the country, but any attempt to impose Hindi at the cost of regional languages spoken in various parts of the country would be thwarted with vehemence, saying that Punjabi or any other regional languages spoken in various parts of the country as important as the national language as these bind the people coming from diverse socio-cultural or economic backgrounds in a common thread.

Principal Budh Ram on the occasion said that the unique character of India cultural ethos was her linguistic, cultural and regional diversity, which no other country of the world had. This diversity, he said, was the essence of the country’s social fabric and oft-quoted cliché ‘unity in diversity’. The AAP leader further added that certain external forces were hell bent on breaking it on the basis of language, religion, region, race, cultural, caste etc, adding that now certain internal forces were trying to divide the people in the name ‘nationalism’ saying that they (people), especially the intellectual class, needed to be vigilant against their evil designs of those who were out to weaken the country.

The AAP leaders said the central government and state government led by Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh as also other states of the country needed to be more sensitised and serious about the promotion of regional languages across the country, which, they said, was of paramount importance for the integration of the country.

Lambasting the state government in the saddle, the AAP leaders said that its infatuation for the English language was legendary, which was amply reflected in its policy when it came to allocation of funds for advertising its programmes and policies through various newspaper columns, saying a major chunk of the fund allocations were pocketed by English newspapers than Punjabi language papers, which they said was discriminatory act on the part of the government. They cautioned the so-called intellectuals to shun posing roadblock in the path of promotion of Punjabi language, which the great Sikh masters had made an integral part of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

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